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This is perhaps the online generic drug pharmacy you have been searching for. This online pharmacy sells low-cost drugs to help men treat sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction (ED). Each time you buy here, you save a substantial amount on orders you place for ED meds. Little wonder, more men are fast discovering this online pharmacy for a delightful and an enhanced sexual satisfaction!

Low-cost generic drugs made per standards.

You may have known that generic meds are priced cheaper than branded drugs. But it may come as a surprise that branded meds cost upto 80% more than their generic counterparts. The wide variety of generic meds powpill offers is trustworthy and used widely; each pill is manufactured by pharmaceutical companies which adhere to good practices and renowned standards. These standards ensure that drug makers manufacture generic meds which are equivalent i.e., in terms of pharmaceutically capability, to branded drugs. Their manufacturing standards ensure that the generic drug’s inactive chemicals are safe for human consumption.

Procurement from a pre-qualified set of generic drug manufacturers

At powpill, you get to buy safe and approved drugs. The site offers authenticated meds procured only from a qualified set of drug makers. Procurement team here checks the authenticity of each manufacturer and vendors are approved only if needful safety standards are met in full. Also, maintenance of standards set forth by approving agencies - such as FDA - is another essential aspect to qualify as a vendor. Needless to state, products on sale are genuine and are made as per widely accepted manufacturing practices.

An empowered fulfilment center for shipping of generic drugs

The fulfilment team has very responsible people who check each pack with utmost care and personal attention. The date by which you need our order to be delivered is carefully recorded; all needful steps are taken to ensure dispatches are made in accordance to pre-set timeline(s). Moreover, the fulfilment team ensures orders are delivered at your footstep. The sole focus is to reach generic drugs in a timely and hassle-free manner to you.

Cheaper generic medications

Prices of drugs are rising each year. Users are fast turning sensitive to cost of drugs. The search for cheaper medicines has become a top priority among users of drugs. It is here powpill has a unique edge as compared to many other generic drug pharmacies. Drugs available here extend maximum price advantage to each of its buyers. Buyers gain access to this advantage regardless of value of purchase or the size of their orders.

Safe, cheap and trustworthy generic meds

Generic drugs have the same active chemicals as that of their branded counterparts. Due to this similarity, generic drugs offer the same therapeutic capabilities to users. An important point to remain aware of is generic meds do not contain the same inactive chemicals or passive ingredients their branded versions are made of.

How does powpill manage to procure low-cost generics?

Branded drugs do not have generic versions until their exclusive rights to market expire. These patents / exclusive rights can range from 15 to 20 years. This timeline commences from the date the patent-holding drug maker files its application with US-based drug clearing agency, the food and drug administration (FDA). This period is often termed as the period of marketing rights - offered exclusively to each newly patented drug.

Powpill deals with generic drugs which come through abbreviated new drug approval – called ANDA, in short – received from the FDA. This makes way for the manufacturing and sale of generic drugs; in other words, generic drugs Powpill offers have come off their exclusivity periods for manufacturing as well as marketing.

Powpill advantage – Low-cost generic drugs to treat ED.

Users know that a key ingredient used in ED drugs is sildenafil. powpill has lined up a set of drug manufacturers who make generic ED meds that use this key chemical i.e., sildenafil to treat erectile dysfunction in men. These generic medicines have the essential capabilities to relax your blood vessels of the penile region, this action aids in an extra flow of blood to the penis. As a result, your penis turns stiffer and larger. This makes you to have needful penile erection and have a satisfactory sexual intercourse.


You are however advised to follow the instructions of your treating doctor prior to starting a treatment plan. Further, it is highly recommended to study the description of each generic drug and its capabilities carefully, prior to placing your orders.
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