Erectile Dysfunction

Where to get erection pills easily online?

Where to get erection pills easily online?

The number of people with erectile dysfunction is actually high in terms of percentage. This percentage increases with age and the condition also worsens with age. There are many treatment options available for managing the condition. We will, through this article, understand where to get erection pills easily online.

Where to buy ED pills online?

Many online pharmacies offer ED pills that can be bought easily and with full privacy. However, there are certain requirements for purchase of these pills. You need to have a doctor's prescription to purchase ED pills from an online store. This also applies when you buy pills from your local drug store.

How to identify the right online pharmacy?

There are a few criteria that you can use to identify the right online pharmacy. Take some time to study and compare different options before you make your purchase decision. Remember, since you are purchasing online, you are actually spending less time to purchase. So, you have more time to carry out simple research before you buy. Here is what you need to look at:

  • Find out the years of operation of the online pharmacy. A pharmacy that has been around for a long period is always a safe bet.
  • Check if they have a good support system or customer support service.
  • Always buy from a store that insists on a prescription for non-OTC drugs.
  • Do not buy from a store that offers medicines at extremely low prices.
  • Check if the store is licensed to sell drugs.
  • Find out more about the shipping policy.
  • Check if the online pharmacy has online consultation to help with prescriptions for drugs

Pills for erection are not sold over the counter

It is important to be aware that pills for erection are not sold over the counter due to many reasons. This makes it necessary for buyers of ED pills to have a valid prescription. Here are some of the reasons for ED pills listed in the prescription drugs category.

  • The drug has a mechanism of action that could cause changes in blood pressure. This makes it necessary for doctors to evaluate the person, before recommending pills. This also helps the doctor to prescribe the most appropriate dosage and minimise the possibility of unwanted effects.
  • A probable user may be on medications that may interact with ED pills. Consulting doctors understand all about the user's medications and prescribes medicines in such a way so as not to interact. This could be by changing the dosage, or by changing the timing of the intake. Sometimes, the drug may be replaced by another drug that does not interact.
  • There are possible side effects from pills for erection, even among fully healthy people. A doctor would inform the person about the possible effects and give instructions on how to remedy the side effects of ED pills. The dosage will also be modified depending on the side effects reported.

Important information about how ED pills work

Users are to be aware of how ED pills work. This helps in taking the pills at the right time for the best results. This also helps in understanding the possible unwanted effects of the pills and how to deal with the effects. Here is how most ED pills work and the possible side effects of the pills.

  • Most pills for erection belong to the category of PDE5 inhibitors.
  • These pills work by preventing an enzyme from degrading the working of a molecule.
  • This ensures that blood vessels are widened, resulting in strong erections.
  • This also keeps the blood trapped in the penis for a longer time, thereby giving a longer erection.

The above four points were a quick outline of how the pills work. This helps us to understand the possible side effects from the medicine, from the mechanism of action. Here are some of the possible unwanted effects of ED pills that may be commonly experienced by users.

  • Change in blood pressure - this is due to the widening of blood vessels. This may have a stronger effect on people with blood pressure conditions.
  • Priapism - This is a rare condition where the user gets an erection that lasts for a very long time. This could stretch into hours, and could also be painful.
  • Allergies - This is also rare, where some users may experience some kind of allergy due to the ingredients.
  • Dizziness and headache - This is commonly experienced by users on ED pills. Though this does not directly cause serious problems, it could affect a person if the effects are felt while at work. For example, a person driving or operating some heavy machinery.

Certain side effects may not need medical intervention and will go away with some time. But some effects need to be treated urgently to prevent them from turning serious. For example, blood pressure related effects are considered as serious. Similarly, priapism could also cause permanent nerve or tissue damage and needs to be treated urgently.

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