Erectile Dysfunction

Where can I buy over-the-counter erectile dysfunction pills?

Where can I buy over the counter erectile dysfunction pills?

Medicines to treat erectile dysfunction are available with a doctor’s prescription. Users who wish to buy pills for ED without physically meeting a doctor can do so online. Here are clear answers to the common question - where can I buy over the counter erectile dysfunction pills?

Online sites sell ED pills

Various online sites sell ED pills to buyers, and the process is relatively simple. To legally purchase ED pills, you need to have a prescription and online sites are no exception. In other words, you still need a prescription to buy the pills online. But you can do it easily, with complete privacy and really fast.

  • Keep your medical records on hand.
  • Have a list of all medicines that you take for any medical conditions.
  • If you have your latest lab reports, keep them on hand.
  • Contact Customer Service of the online pharmacy.
  • Choose the ED pill that you wish to buy.
  • Choose the ‘Request Online Consultation’ option.
  • Provide the necessary details.
  • You will receive an online prescription.
  • Make your purchase with the prescription.

What are the commonly prescribed ED pills?

There are basically three ED pills of generic category that are commonly prescribed. These have the same effects as that of branded drugs, and are also cheaper than the branded versions. The dosage is also similar to that of branded versions. The three pills that are commonly available online are:

  1. Sildenafil Citrate
  2. Tadalafil
  3. Vardenafil                       

Equivalent branded drug names 

As mentioned above, generic drugs are similar to branded drugs, and typically contain the same ingredients. The equivalent brand names of the three generic drugs are listed below for easy reference.

  • Sildenafil – Viagra
  • Tadalafil – Cialis
  • Vardenafil – Levitra

Why do ED pills require a prescription?

  • ED pills require a prescription because of the mechanism of action of the medicines. These pills could cause unwanted side effects, and this could affect a person with certain conditions. For example, if you have hypertension, or any heart related problem, you could experience strong effects.
  • To avoid the possibility of side effects, the pills are classified as prescription pills by the US FDA. This will ensure that a doctor evaluates a person before prescribing the pill. This will also ensure that the person gets the right dosage of the medicine.
  • Any pill or medicine that is available over the counter comes with some risk of misuse. For example, you may end up taking a strong dose to get the best results. This could cause some kind of side effects in you. Another possibility is that you may take a lower dose and not get the best results. This could make you try a stronger dose, and this could end up as an overdose.
  • There is also the possibility of interactions with other medicines. You may be on other medicines for some conditions. These medicines may interact with the ED pills. When you consult a doctor with the list of medicines that you take, you will be informed of possible interactions. The doctor will prescribe medicines accordingly.

How to select the best site for purchasing ED pills online?

Simple steps can help you zero in on the best site for purchasing ED pills online. It is important to identify the most suitable site before you make your purchase. Do not make the mistake of trying to check if the site is good, when you are halfway through your purchase. You are most likely to end up making the purchase.

  • Look for a site that has different medications for ED.
  • Choose a site that offers online consultation.
  • Check out the different formulations of medicines available.
  • Do a cost comparison of medicines. Do not make the mistake of comparing “apples with oranges”. Compare two medicines of the same strength, and type.

Some sites may not have all the three different main types of ED pills. You are likely to be forced to purchase what is available. This may not be the most suitable option for you. Therefore, choose a site that offers you various options. This way you will get the most suitable product.

Different types of formulations within ED pills

Most people will be unaware that ED pills come in different formulations within the same medicine. For example, for people who find it difficult to swallow food, there are chewable tablets. Then you will find tablets that give an extended effect or result.

Are OTC products effective for treating ED?

Many OTC products are available that claim to offer treatment or results for ED. The results and the possible effects have not been studied fully, or proved. It is therefore, not a very safe option to choose OTC products that claim to offer treatment or remedies for ED. Always purchase products that are approved for use by the US FDA.