Erectile Dysfunction

What Are The Benefits of Malegra Dxt Plus?


Malegra Dxt Plus Sildenafil / Duloxetine made by Sunrise remedies

Difficulties in attaining an erect and stiffened penis while you have sex is a clinical condition. It was initially considered that males aged 50 years and above may only see its incidence. But, recently done research substantiates that younger males may also be having it. The problem of a limp penis is known as erectile dysfunction (or as ED, in short). Drugs are both prescribed and are available to treat these sexual problems. In this light, can Malegra Dxt Plus Sildenafil / Duloxetine help manage this male sexual condition? It is a good practice to understand more on this medicine before taking it.

Sexual health of men – Is it a precondition to healthy relationships?

How men have sex is under closer scrutiny than before! This is because sexual health is strongly linked to health of relationships men have with their partners. Men who can sustain an erect and hardened penis each time they have sexual intercourse are said to be penile health.

Partners get utmost sexual pleasures when men have an erect penis all through their sexual acts. Once men experience sexual arousal, more than usual amount of blood enters into their penile parts and this is the main reason behind having a penile erection. As a prerequisite to this, widening of blood vessels becomes essential.

Are meds available to manage and treat sexual problems of men?

Drugs like sildenafil citrate, avanafil, and tadalafil are commonly prescribed for treating male sexual health conditions like erectile dysfunction. These meds can be procured with relative ease from pharmacies (online) and from drugstores. The drugs listed above are known to have fairly high success rates in treatment of sexual disorders, especially conditions such as erectile dysfunction. But, if men choose to leave this problem untreated, they may start having ejaculation-related problems. In other words, males may discharge semen as soon as they start having sex or quite late into the act. These problems are treated as male sexual conditions.

Malegra Dxt Plus Sildenafil / Duloxetine – How do this med function on men with sexual health problems like ED?

Your treating doctor may recommend the use of drugs like Malegra Dxt Plus Sildenafil / Duloxetine – made by Sunrise Remedies. This drug can relax the vessels that supply blood to men’s penile zone. Active chemicals present in this drug help supply extra level of blood to men’s penis. This med is grouped as part of a family of meds called PDE 5 inhibiting meds.

It is essential to take a pill at least a few hours before you intend having sex. Ideal timeline is about 3 hours prior to the act. Ensure to take only one dosage each day. Consumption of two tablets within a day can cause serious side effects. Men may witness side effects such as sweating more and also frequently, erratic heartbeat/pulse rate, respiratory conditions such as wheezing.

Can Malegra Dxt Plus Sildenafil / Duloxetine cause a few adverse/unwanted reactions?

Like most other meds falling under the PDE inhibiting category, Malegra Dxt Plus Sildenafil / Duloxetine also can trigger a few undesired effects and unwanted reactions. Men have reported adverse effects such as nausea, vomiting, fever, migraines, a few allergies like runny nose, etc.

Many of these aforesaid adverse effects may not last for a longer duration. This is because a majority of these are likely to disappear as you proceed ahead with the treatment plan and dosages thereof. Such disappearance is attributed to your system’s ability to turn familiar to the active chemicals used in this med. This is the main reason for adverse side effects ceasing to show up in a week’s time. But, if men are experiencing any of these undesired effects for a longer time span, you are advised to consult with your treating doctor without further delay.

Safety precautions associated with the intake of Malegra Dxt Plus Sildenafil / Duloxetine

Men who are living with spells of hypotension / low level of blood pressure, your treating doctor be made aware of all such problems. Moreover, if men ae already taking a few drugs / pursuing dosage plans, they must tell their doctor of the same. Special care and caution needs to be taken if your treatment has meds containing nitrate(s). Last but not least, upon sensing dizziness, shakes, breathing conditions, etc., reach out for needful clinical support in a healthcare setting (closer to your home) on an emergency basis.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this drug or any other med.

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