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Fildena CT 100 mg from Fortune Healthcare

Problems in having your penis erect for long is a sexual condition. It needs to be treated in an effective and timely manner. It was initially thought to affect only males above 60 years of age. But, recent studies show that men – as young as 23 years – may also be living with it. This condition is known as erectile dysfunction (or ED). Drugs are prescribed to treat sexual problems like ED. In this light, can Fildena CT 100 pills help treating this condition? It is important to have the necessary details on this front.

Why is sexual well-being a key to harmonious relationships?

Sexual performance of men is under closer scrutiny and it has become an essential aspect of relationships. Men need to have an erect penis as long as their sexual act lasts. Sexual satisfaction is dependent on how erect your penis is, and also for long, it stands stiff or erect. Once you are aroused sexually, extra blood flows into your penis is a result in an erection. For this to happen, widening of arteries in the penile zone becomes an important precondition.

Are there meds available to treat erectile dysfunction?

Drugs such as sildenafil, tadalafil, as well as avanafil, are available to treat this sexual disorder, especially conditions such as erectile dysfunction. If left untreated, men may slowly develop ejaculation-related problems as well. They may discharge semen very late or way too early. Both are treated as medical conditions. If you decide to leave such conditions unattended, these sexual disorders can impair your happiness and may even ruin relationships.

Fildena CT 100 pills – How this treatment works?

Your doctor will prescribe drugs such as Fildena CT 100 mg tablets – made by Fortune Healthcare – relax to treat this sexual disorder. Active chemicals of these pills aid bringing an added quantum of blood to your penis. These pills form part of a family of meds termed as PDE 5 inhibiting pills.

You are advised to take a pill a few hours before engaging in a sexual intercourse. The ideal timeline is 3 hours prior to the act. Also, care to take only one dose within a 24-hour timeline. Taking more than one pill per day can cause an overdosed situation. In such instances, you may witness excessive sweating, faster heartbeats or palpitations and respiratory conditions such as panting, wheezing, or gasping.

Can Fildena CT 100 mg tablets cause any adverse side effects?

Like most drugs of the PDE inhibiting family, Fildena CT 100 tablets are also likely to trigger some adverse side effects and unwanted reactions. Most common among adverse side effects is dyspepsia, vomiting and/or nausea, fever, migraines, etc. Upon sensing one or more of these side effects, you are advised to tell your treating doctor immediately.

Not all of these side effects persist for long. Most of them may disappear as you continue the treatment plan. This is mainly because your body has accepted the key chemicals and hence has stopped responding with adverse side effects. But, should one or more of these unwanted effects is lasting for long – care to talk to your doctor without delay.

In some cases, men have had long-lasting episodes of penile erection. This condition of continued erection is labelled as priapism. Medical help – on an emergency mode – is needed for treating this condition. Inability to provide needful treatment can damage critical organs such as brain, heart and / or kidneys.

Safety precautions associated with the consumption of Fildena CT 100 tablets

If you are living with prior spells of low pressure or hypotension, your treating physician must know of such conditions. Also, if your current medication plans include drugs having nitrate(s) in them, this information must be made known to your caregiving team.

Moreover, Fildena CT 100 pills can interact in an adverse fashion with meds like riociguat (guanylate cyclase stimulating meds). These meds – upon being co-administered – can lead to erratic heartbeats as well as abnormal pulse rates. In this light, if you are sensing drowsiness, involuntary shaking of your body/tremors, breathing difficulties or passing out, you need to seek clinical support attention on an urgent basis.

Emergency support to treat side effects of Fildena CT 100 mg tablets

Co-administration of meds such as ritonavir (belonging to the antiviral category), antibiotics like erythromycin, or antifungal meds of the “azole” genre may trigger severely adverse side effects. If you are in the US, dial 911 or call the helplines of food and drug administration. On the other hand, if you are living in any of the Canadian provinces, rush to a poison control unit as quickly as possible. Those in Canada may also reach out to Health Canada and seek clinical support immediately.


Information provided here are only of supplementary nature. Information shared here does not substitute a qualified doctor’s advice. This website is not suggesting intake of this drug as safe or appropriate. Hence it is advised to talk to your doctor before consuming this drug or any other med.

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