Erectile Dysfunction

Sildenafil Citrate Cenforce 130 mg(Oral Tablet): Side Effects, and Uses.

Sildenafil-Citrate-Cenforce-130-mg(Oral Tablet)-Side-Effects-and-Uses.

Sildenafil Citrate Cenforce 130 mg

Inability to maintain an erection of your penis can have a telling effect on your life. This medical condition is known as erectile dysfunction (in short, ED). It is known to show up among men of all age groups. Older men stand to get it more than younger ones. As per latest estimates, nearly 30 million adults (men) living in US are known to have this dysfunction. Drugs are administered for the treatment of this sexual condition; timely treatment is required to prevent it from turning into a major condition. Can drugs such as Sildenafil Citrate Cenforce 130 mg pills help you manage erectile dysfunction? It is a wise thing to understand about this drug and its uses.

An erect and hard penis is one of the key factors needed to have a satisfactory sexual performance. But, to maintain a full-fledged erection during sexual intercourse, your penile muscles need adequate flow of blood. Inadequate supply of blood to penis can make it remain limp. In normal circumstances, men tend to get an erection once they are sexually excited or aroused. Being aroused sexually makes your blood vessels to dilate; as a result, more blood flows to the penile muscles. This action is a key prerequisite to have an erection.

Need of blood flow to your penis

Flow of extra blood ensures an erection till your sexual act gets over. Upon reaching climax, dilated blood vessels soon revert to their normal diameter. This soon leads to an erected penis to come back to normal size. As men age, blood flow to their penis is not as pronounced as it was once they were young. This is one of the main reasons for sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction to show up. Elderly men are known to ejaculate way too soon or may too long to ejaculate. In some cases, men may have problems in reaching a climax. All these remain as reasons for a marked drop in sexual pleasure.

Triggers of erectile dysfunction

Main triggers of sexual disorders such as ED are quite varied. Some of them are physical causes and others are mental or mind-related. Of the physical or bodily causes known to man, obesity, inability to sleep well or having disturbed sleeping cycles, autoimmune conditions like diabetes mellitus, a marked increase in blood cholesterol level, etc. fare as common ones.
Caregiving teams often resort to prescription of drugs. Meds that are commonly used include tadalafil and sildenafil citrate. In this milieu, sildenafil citrate Cenforce 130 mg tablets manufactured by centurion laboratories are one of the widely used treatment options.

How do sildenafil citrate Cenforce 130 mg tablets work?

As mentioned, adequate flow of blood to your penis is essential to have an erection. Dilation of penile blood vessels – which is needed for more blood to enter through penile arteries and veins, ensures an erect penis. The main function of this ED medicine is to relax the walls of blood vessels; this relaxation soon results in widening the vessels. Once the vessels are widened, your penis is likely to get better blood flow.

But, for all these aforesaid actions to occur, sexual arousal is a key. If you are not sexually excited or aroused, dilation of penile blood vessels do not necessarily lead to an erection. Also, no two men with this sexual condition are administered with the same dosage plan. Your dosage plan depends on your age, weight, presence of prior medical conditions, if any as well as how well your body reacts to this drug (especially, to the first few doses).

The typical dosage plan may involve taking this med before you are going to engage in a sexual act. For better results, you are advised to take it at least 4 hours prior to having sex. However, those forgot to take it well ahead of an intercourse may take the drug at a minimum of 30 minutes prior to their intercourse. Most medication plans do not constitute multiple doses within a single day. In other words, this med is taken as a single dose per day.

Other needful precautions

This is not an over-the-counter drug. Its intake is always as per the directions issued by a qualified clinical practitioner. This med may be consumed before or after food. There are a few diet-based restrictions associated with the use of this med. For instance, never take oil-rich or deep-dried food items or products. Also, stay away from greasy or very spicy foods. For example, never take foods like chips or fried snacks. These types of foods may alter the treatment capabilities of this drug and may reduce this med’s efficacy.

Cenforce 130 may trigger some undesired reactions and adverse side effects. These include dyspepsia, nausea coupled with vomiting sensation, fever and / or headache. Many of these discomforts may disappear if you are pursuing ahead with your treatment plan. In some cases, some of these effects can continue for more than a week; in such cases, consult with the treating physician quickly.

In a few remote cases, side effects cenforce 130 causes may become severe. Such effects are dizziness, confusion, abnormal heartbeats, blurred vision, drowsiness and in some very rare cases, a heart attack or stroke. If you are experiencing spells of weakness, breathing conditions such as panting and / or gasping, talk to your treating doctor immediately. Those in the US are advised to call 911 without delay. People in Canada must reach out to healthcare setting as quickly as possible.

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